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MBTI: Sherlock Holmes- INTP

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Has there been a bigger influence on the detective influence on the detective genre? Batman, L, and whatever Angela Lansbury’s name was in Murder, She Wrote. There’s just nobody bigger than Holmes in the fictional detective game, or even the real-life detective game for that matter. Unless you’re related to one or something.

Holmes has been back and forth between INTP and ISTP for as long as people have been typing characters, but what’s the verdict? INTP is our best answer. Why? Abductive reasoning, son! Continue reading

MBTI: Watson- ISFJ

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The dutiful servant, if you need a helper or assistant that can work long hours without complaining and never try to hog the spotlight and steal credit out from under your nose- these are your guys. Or girls.

I’m not even joking. A lot of people wouldn’t think of the above as being a good thing to be known as a servant or something of the like, but for their to be leaders, we’ve got to have followers. Not blind and unquestioning per se, but loyal and persistent in their activities. If this doesn’t describe Watson, he cannot be type.

Once again, not an INFJ. Continue reading

My Favorite Search Terms People Have Used to Find This Site

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Not being the most well known of blogs (I’m gettin’ there, I’m gettin’ there…), I find myself overwhelmed with giddy joy when someone has come to my site by actually searching for it via search engine. I mean…I’m not like, surprised or anything…I’m just sayin’…It’s cool when someone directly seeks out my site. I also hate the word “blog” and “giddy.”

I know that they do this because I’m shown the search terms. It’s useful to know what people were originally looking for when they found my own personal corner of this big ol’ internet. So while I can get instant gratification knowing that someone was looking for my writing, I also achieve instantaneous enjoyment/confusion/fear from some of the other weird things people are looking for.

A couple more common topics people find zombiesruin by is from searching Batman or Dark Knight, which I’ve posted so many articles about in the past couple months I should just give him a category of his own. Another popular one is Master of Disguise Turtle which would lead you here. But those aren’t as fun.

Below are some of the standouts. All spelling is how the anonymous submitters typed.

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