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Breaking Bad: If Only Skyler Had Gotten Out of the Way

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When Breaking Bad ended last September, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Great freaking show all around, even with a number of extras saying their lines like they were reading them off the cue card. The manufacturing of meth never seemed so exciting!

One thing I was really surprised about though was the lack of appreciation for certain core characters of the show. No matter how far down Walt sank morally, we still watched. No matter how obnoxious and grating Jesse became, we still wanted to know what happened to him.

Yet it seemed whenever Skyler had input that disapproved of Walt’s behavior or she did something was just wrong, many reacted harshly. Continue reading

MBTI: Skyler White- ESFJ

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I get why Skyler is criticized. I do. She’s pretty much the only thing keeping Walt from going off the deep end entirely with no looking back, and she’s always there to remind him that what he’s doing is wrong and that’s just no fun.

Heck man, you look up “Skyler White,” and you get the related search results of “I hate Skyler” and Skyler memes that are also known as “Skyler Hypocrite” memes. We’ve seen this before. In dramatic fiction, no matter how simple the ESFJ’s needs are, there doesn’t seem to be a snowball’s chance in hell of getting what they want. Continue reading