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MBTI: Solidus Snake- ENTJ

Posted in MBTI Rationals, MBTI Stuff with tags , , , , on 03/16/2015 by Taylor Holt


Never one to be unprepared, Solidus Snake is the only Rational family member of the Snake clan. Cloned from Big Boss himself, he fits right in with them and sticks out in just as many ways. Solidus’ mark on the franchise can seem small compared to that of Big Boss and Solid Snake but he and his plan still left an impression on players everywhere.

And what’s an ENTJ need besides a plan? Cronies, of course! And Solidus has got plenty of them. From his Dead Cell and Raiden to the people of the free world, Solidus wasn’t a dog to get kicked and run off with his tail between his legs and neither is the ENTJ, as they don’t mind telling you. Continue reading