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Though football hero Flash Thompson may wear the suit now, there’s always a different musclebound jock we’ll associate with that dear old black goo.

When disgraced journalist Eddie Brock teams with the alien symbiote, they become the malicious lethal force known as Venom. But you already knew that. Continue reading

Aunt May Needs to Die Already

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I’ve read multiple stories over the years in various mediums and wouldn’t ya know it, I eventually wrote some stories of my own! And let me tell you, nothing sets a reader/viewer/listener (for those of you who like that Adventure radio) on edge than that tasty prospect of DEATH.

So when characters either can’t die, or can just as easily come back, who cares anymore? Not me! Keep reading or I’ll kill you. Continue reading

MBTI: Black Cat- ESTP

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We’ve gone over two out of three of Peter Parker’s major ladyfriends, have we not? Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy usually get the spotlight as far as Spidey’s (I hate that nickname) women go but the one that always sticks out to fans while never actually catching the bait is one Felicia Hardy.

She had her chance and she blew it! All for her love of life in the fast lane! ESTPs gotta stop being so superficial, I’m tellin’ ya. Continue reading

MBTI: Gwen Stacy- ESFJ

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We know nice guys finish last, but what about nice ladies?

They what? They die? Oh.

Well, uh…anyway….

Gwen Stacy was not only Spider-man’s first real woman, but she was also intended to be his only woman, per Stan Lee. The daddy’s girl wanted it all- the marriage, the family, the white picket fence (probably) and if it weren’t for the Goblin, she might’ve had it. Oh, ESFJ- some things just weren’t meant to be. Continue reading

MBTI: Mary Jane Watson- ISFP

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It must be difficult living in a world where not only does your friend/boyfriend/husband/misc. fight crime on a regular basis, but he inadvertently puts you in danger because of it.

Yet Mary Jane not only maintains through quiet perseverance, she’s not one of those non-super powered characters (usually) you wish would die or “just go somewhere” else so the Spider-Man can get it on with somebody else, but she’s actually not too shabby.

Does anyone dislike the ISFP you know? Prolly not. Continue reading

MBTI: Spider-Man- INTP

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He’s known more for his physical prowess, his spider-sense, and his nonstop joking, but at his core, Spider-Man is one of the biggest nerds the Marvel Universe has.

For just over fifty years now, Peter Parker has been leading a double life, creating inventions for the sole purpose of his secret heroism, and trying to find a balance between his every day life…and the one he wants to live. Oh INTP, how dual your life must be. Continue reading