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Theory: All the Jedi Had to Die

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We always think of the Jedi in the Star Wars stories as being near perfect; peacekeepers and the upholders of light in a massive universe that needs the caring hand of the spiritual sentients to guide them.

And what are the Sith? The Dark side, of course. The ones in the galaxy the simply want to rule through power and fear and they’re some of the few powerful enough to actually do it.

And because of this, they’re the bad guys. And the Jedi are the good guys.

…Aren’t they? Continue reading

MBTI: Obi-Wan Kenobi- ENFJ

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I wasn’t going to type another Star Wars character for a while, seeing as how I just did one and I’ve gotta keep things real u no? But I don’t want to leave out any Idealist Jedi and there’s only one missing so here goes.

Of all the types and Idealists, the ones that seem to be almost factory made for teaching and leading simultaneously is the ENFJ. Their solid people skills along with their genuine nature to care about the people in their lives is a great combination for a leader and in the right circumstances, a great follower as well. Obi-Wan represents these traits well. Continue reading

MBTI: Qui-Gon Jinn- ENFP

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Regardless of type, it seems the best Jedi, at least on the light side of the Force, tend to lean to the Idealist side of things. Something about being one with the universe, respecting all walks of life and having vaguely awesome super powers just gives them an edge other types don’t have.

Qui-Gon bounces back and forth between a couple strong possibilities but ENFP seems to be the best fit, as he’s in tune with the living force, has the best in mind for all, yet is often described as a maverick- great at what he does, but the guy just won’t follow the rules. What Qui-Gon? You don’t want to be on the stuffy council? Continue reading

MBTI: Princess Leia- ESTJ

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In many ways, Leia had more of an edge to her than Luke did. Luke trained in what seemed like no time at all, yet Leia had been fighting against the Empire way before the farm boy showed up, despite her seemingly happy existence as a freaking princess.

But ESTJs work within authority and and their upbringing. In Leia’s case, she’s always been royalty and her parents have always opposed the Empire. So it all works out that she would be a rebel too. Continue reading

MBTI: Darth Vader- ISTJ

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Uh-oh. He’s back. The ever-serious, dictator of detail is here for another round and he knows you don’t like him. He doesn’t want you to like him. You’ll get more work done that way.

There’s a wide range of what Darth Vader could be. He seems to be a completely different character than Anakin Skywalker in many respects and when you’ve seen the prequels, Vader’s entire persona could come off like a mask to hide his actual whiny personality. Now you know where his son gets it from.

But both Anakin and Vader do fit into the same personality, one is just the unhealthy side. So let’s take a closer look at this heavy-breathing, galaxy-ruling maniac. Continue reading

MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP

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Wouldn’t it be the INFP to balance out the force in the universe? It would have to be. At least an Idealist anyway. Guardians in Star Wars are all in the senate or farming, Artisans are all bounty hunters and gamblers, and the Rationals are all Sith.

So it’s fitting most of the Jedi are in the Idealist group.

Purpose-seeking, solitary yet friendly, creative and justly described as spiritual, INFPs were born to be Jedi. Continue reading


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Of all the Jedi in the Star Wars saga, none have ever really compared to the awesomeness a green little old man alien embodies. His wisdom is still blowing minds to this day, if it’s the viewer’s first time watching the movies, or their 5ooth.

And what type is best suited to train future generations through firmness, steadiness, and innate will to understand you like no other can offer?

ENTJ, that’s who.

Just kidding, INFJ. Duh. Continue reading