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MBTI: In Defense of Stereotypes

Posted in MBTI Stuff, MBTI Whatever with tags , on 09/05/2014 by Taylor Holt


The movies have been a slow place the last couple weekends, if you’ve notice the lack of podcasts and movie reviews. So instead of reviewing something you’re not going to care about anyway, allow me to give you a few ways that our old frenemy, stereotyping can actually be helpful.

If you refer to my “Why Type Characters at All?” article, you’ll remember that aside from just being fun, characters are exaggerated versions of real people in the first place. We can see everything they do, even when they’re alone and depending on the narrative, even hear their thoughts. While celebrities have an image they put out, and real people may lie to you, characters are ours to explore.

Learn to tell the difference between the caricatures of humans and real humans’ preferences will be a bit more clear to you. I would almost go so far to say that if you can’t type characters, actual humans are going to confuse the hell out of you.

So be they characters or real people, here are the positives to stereotyping in MBTI, because we’re already aware of the negative. Continue reading

MBTI: MBTI’s Limits and the Three Levels of Personality

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One thing that’s great about MBTI is that it allows me an immediate window to a person’s general understanding of the world. It’s can lead to an open-ended discussion about a person that allows all parties to join in. On one hand, we’re talking about something I’m interested in (MBTI) and something they’re interested in at the same time (Themselves!).

But what are the limits and full extensions of MBTI? Certainly it’s more than merely a conversation topic, while a generalized test based on one’s own answers can only go so far, right? How can we know someone better than a complex system of stereotypes? Continue reading