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MBTI: Katniss Everdeen- ISTP

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With Catching Fire coming out and the fact that I need variety for these posts, Katniss seems like a good one to type. Battle Royale: Future America is a decent source for typing it seems, though I’ve only seen the movie.

After initially watching it, ISFP made sense to me. Quiet, tough to read, virtuous without looking for a moral battle. Then I read her wiki page and she comes off like a hard-headed, out of water ISTJ. But it seems more likely ISTP the more I read and in a way, an ISFP and ISTJ crossed may give you an ISTP anyway. So bam. Read on!

Also, here was my review from when it first came out. I wasn’t adding pictures back then so if you don’t like reading with no pictures; I’m sorry, little eight year old girl. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

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Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland

Rated Pg-13 for Intense thematic and violent material and disturbing images- all involving teens) run time 2 hours, 22 mins, Action/ Adventure/ Sci-fi

Plays Like: The Running Man (1987), Gamer (2009). Gamer to be taken with a grain of salt.

In trying to find a new Harry Potter, or a new Twilight, Lionsgate has arrived at Hunger Games. Upon first hearing of it, I couldn’t bring myself to care. “Yes, that’s exactly what I need; another multi-million dollar franchise about a bunch of adolescents that cry about every melodramatic thing that happens to their amazingly extraordinary lives. Boo hoo, I’m so special.”

But heck, I was still going to watch. And after Eragon and Legend of the Seeker and all those other forgettable Young-Adult movies that were desperately trying to get their sequels, we might finally see a series worth following through to the end. Continue reading