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MBTI: Erin Hannon- ESFJ

Posted in MBTI Guardians, MBTI Stuff with tags , , , , on 11/04/2013 by Taylor Holt


Of all the characters on The Office, Erin is my favorite. Even in season 8 and 9 where her character and Andy’s relationship were epically dumped on in favor of “Plop,” the worst character ever introduced in the series.

But alas! As a character, Erin represented what I thought the series did the best job on; characters that were slight exaggerations of people you’re already familiar with. And we’re all familiar with ESFJs, whether you like’em or not. How couldn’t you like them, though? You don’t like happiness and being taken care of? Screw you, then. Continue reading

MBTI: Michael Scott- ENFP

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Of all the leads on a sitcom, there isn’t a better fit than Michael Scott. Resembling a child that declares himself “King of the Playground” only to have nobody listen to him anyway is a pretty good picture of how Michael runs things on The Office.

Funny, inappropriate, obnoxious, and just when you think he couldn’t be less competent, Michael pulls s side of his personality out that you didn’t think was there. It usually has to do with reconciling with someone, making a sale, or just generally making the day better. A fitting description of an ENFP. Continue reading