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MBTI: The Warriors

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It. Is. TIME. Continue reading

You’ve Gotta See This- The Warriors

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This article and others under the above title will be referring to films that I like/love, or I believe just don’t get enough attention. I looooove Inception, but seeing as how it made close to a billion freaking dollars, suffice it to say that you’ve probably seen or know of it. What you see on here might not be as popular. First up is The Warriors.

Rated R for violence and language, 93 mins, 1979

Plays Like- Assault on Precinct 13, 300, any movie that features a few against everybody

Best Enjoyed: With a few friends who understand you don’t need production value to make an awesome movie.

NOT Enjoyed with People: that can’t get into corniness

If you’ve known me long enough to hear me talk about movies, you’ve probably heard me talk about this one. This is on my Top Five of all time, without a doubt and just one reason it’s the first I’m bringing up. Plot goes like this:

“In the near future, cities are all but run by gangs. All kinds of of them. On a hot Summer night, the leader of the biggest gang in the city calls a meeting that’s to include nine members from each gang. After a rousing speech with talk of a truce, The leader is shot and killed, and the Warriors are framed for it. Now they have to make their way across an enemy-infested New York City where every cop and every gang in the city are looking to “bust their heads.” Continue reading