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MBTI: Avengers Assemble Homey

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Since Age of Ultron is being released in the states today, might as well “assemble” their MBTI profiles. I don’t have everybody down yet but the main team is mostly there. More to come in the following days I’m sure but here’s what I’ve got.

MBTI: Captain America- ESTJ

MBTI: Iron Man- ENTP



MBTI: Black Widow- ISTP

MBTI: Scarlet Witch- INFP

MBTI: Hawkeye and the ISTP Teammate

MBTI: Vision- INFJ

MBTI: MCU ENTJ Nick Fury Versus the Comics’ ESTP

MBTI: Can Ultron be Typed?



Are You Mjolnir Worthy?

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Everybody knows Thor. Either from Norse mythology or the comics, but he’s just a pretty popular guy. What’s about as popular as the man himself is his main weapon, Mjolnir. It’s pronounced “MYOL-n(ee)r” if you’re not familiar.

But as far as the comics go, there’s an inscription on the side that lets you know how the thing works. Not just anybody can pick up a god’s hammer, c’mon!

Click to find out who is! Betch! Continue reading


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Since Thor: The Dark World is being released tomorrow, and I recently typed Loki, it’s time for the god of thunder himself.

What else would fit for a spoiled god that controls a hammer made from the heart of a dying star? His Se sensibilities are his strength and weakness by jumping into battle without a second thought. Aggression can work to his advantage in many ways, but it’s also what gets him cast down to earth or beaten by someone he could’ve bested by just putting a bit more thought into it.

But when you’re a god of thunder, do you really have to think? Continue reading


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Usually “trickster” types are reserved for ENTPs and other types that are known to mess around with others just for the fun of it. But Loki’s messing around doesn’t really consist of goals like “fun” and “reactions” but rather world-ruling and planet destroying.

So while his goals are usually pretty obvious, his intentions and his methods are usually a mystery. He may help you, he may damn you, we just don’t know until it’s happened.

Let’s also make it clear that we’re speaking specifically of the Marvel Comics’ Loki rather than the original mythological figure and I really just don’t care about the movie version but he can be typed the same. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Avengers

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Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi  action throughout and a mild drug reference. Running time 142 minutes, Action/Adventure/Sci-fi

Plays like: Star Trek (2009), Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Back in 2002, I remember reading an article for a possible Superman/Batman movie. This of course, was before they rebooted the Batman franchise altogether and I remember thinking “They’ll never do that! They can’t! It’d be too much and not enough at the same time!” And I think I was right about that still. So when there was talk of an Avengers movie in ’08 when the first Iron Man was released, I was skeptical. But with all the end-credits scenes and movie-by-movie, the heroes were introduced. Even as I was watching the Iron Man interract with Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury; I was still thinking “Man, I can’t believe they actually did it.” Well, they did and you’re gonna like it. Continue reading