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Spoilerific Thoughts on The Force Awakens

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Wow, I can’t believe Jar Jar is in this one!

Just kidding. So now that I’ve written the review for The Force Awakens and told you pretty much nothing about what’s on screen, this post is focused on thoughts I had about the movie that leave no spoiling stone unturned. If you’ve watched the movie, keep reading. If you don’t want anything ruined- do the opposite of keeping reading. Continue reading

Big Boss and the Long Road to Villainy

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Spoilers! If you haven’t beaten Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, don’t read this post!

Originally, I was just going to dissect the ending of TPP, but the more I thought about it, the more I think it could become a different post altogether. What’s just as interesting in my mind and what’s got a lot of fans buzzing about the final (?) Metal Gear game is that, by the end of this game, we don’t get that oh-so-satisfying conclusion that lets us breathe a sigh of relief that says, “Okay, NOW he’s a bad guy.”

But as I sit here listening to this amazing soundtrack, I can tell you that this ending should have been a Big Boss Bad Guy slap to your face. But in a much more subtle sense than how any of us thought it would happen. Continue reading

The Hero’s Perspective: What Back to the Future II Can Teach You

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In the films and stories that we love, we often end up sympathizing with the main character, no matter how little we might be able to relate to the character’s actual predicament or how villainous they may have become.

What’s a little more rare is to see things from another character’s perspective in film where they themselves are not the main character. Suddenly people’s attitudes are flipped around and they find themselves talking about what a great villain that character was. Does this make you wrong or strange? Nope. Because it’s all about perspective.

How so? Because changing perspectives is understanding different points of view, while understanding that can put you at the advantage in life of having a wider scope than simply your own way of thinking. Continue reading

Hollywood Passing

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Written by Bryce Waller

This past Saturday night, as I was wallowing in self-pity after the Alabama loss, I heard the news about Paul Walker’s passing. With all the recent hoaxes concerning Hollywood deaths, I didn’t take this one as fact at first. It wasn’t until an hour later that I learned Walker’s publicist had confirmed the death.

Just like that Walker was gone and life was put back in perspective for me; Alabama’s loss didn’t mean anything anymore. Continue reading

MBTI: Why Type Characters at All?

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Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?” -Jung

From a guy that spends a pretty large amount of time typing fictional characters, using that quote may seem hypocritical, but you’ve got to understand the point of typing characters in the first place. Continue reading

Terrible Movies are the BEST Movies

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If you heard the line when you saw this picture, you’ll understand this article.

I remember the first movie I’d ever watched as a kid and subsequently torn it up throughout. It was Surf Ninjas with Leslie Nielsen. I was spending the night over at a friends and I was pretty excited to watch it. It was a great movie; comedy, action, ninjas. As far as an eight-year old is concerned, that’s all you need. I’m in my twenties now and it’s still all about I need. So after chugging soda and annoying the ever living hell out of my friends parents for a good bit of time, we sat down to watch it and man I was ready. The red headed guy who couldn’t sure was hilarious to me (turns out it’s Rob Schneider) and I was all about…whatever else is in that movie.

Once we turned it on though, things changed. I had seen the movie before, and knew it well enough. I liked it then, I should like it now. But this was different. Not the movie itself, but the audience. I wasn’t with my dad, who would take us to see whatever crap a kid wants to go see. I wasn’t with just a couple kids my age who were as dumb as me and weren’t aware of what a “plot hole” was. No, you know else was there? My friend’s older brother. He was twelve. GASP! Continue reading