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MBTI: Raphael- ISTP

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He’s cool but rude, Raphael plays the part to the Ninja Turtles like Wolverine plays to the X-Men: Action and one liners are his main responsibilities and writing his character is pretty much the writer’s way of saying “Somebody needs to get punched in this scene.”

ESTP is often the type associated with never holding back but ISTP is what you want if subtlety is to be thrown in there. And while being subtle doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with being a giant mutant turtle, Raphael does what he can. Continue reading

MBTI: Donatello- INTP

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Donatello does machines- as you know. While all the turtles are pretty easy to choose from in their strengths, Donatello’s strengths are also his weaknesses, much like the real life INTP. Brilliant though he may be- he’s such a nerd, GAW.

Okay so not necessarily a weakness but it could be a weakness. Throughout the franchise, Donatello remains the same as he ever had, save for their original violent beginning where everything is black and white and the blood flowed like the rivers of ancient Babylon. Continue reading