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The Way of The Bay

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Every director has their own style. Their own special trademark they put into every film they make. For some, it may be similar themes of obsession, fears, and identity that permeate every film. For other directors, stylization may be it’s own type of story telling that allows us to become completely immersed in the bizarre world set in front of us to accept whatever crazy concepts come flying at us in that two hour reality.

But Michael Bay is just like (And I quote) “F*#^ that! CHECK OUT THIS CAR! I’MA BLOW IT UP, VROOM VROOM BOOM! Haw haw!” Or at least that’s what I get from his three hour robot extravaganzas. Here are recurring motifs of each Transformers movie (As if I needed to point them out). Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #10- Guilty Pleasures

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Sure it’s a terrible phrase, but everybody’s got’em, so what are they?

There’s those things you just know you should be embarrassed by, whether you are or not. For some people, it’s the loud, “slam bang, white-knuckle thrill ride!”…that they know is just plain stupid. For others, it’s all the friggin’ Disney movies. And then there’s pop music…

Josh and Taylor discuss this and other things, all guilty, all terrible. Continue reading

Megatron IS Transformers

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As far as pointless articles go, you could put this at the top. But after scouring so much of the vastness that is the internet, pointless is it’s middle name so this should fit right in.

At some point during the third Transformers movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it hit me that certain movies can be summed up by the characters in them but few as accurately as it can be said for Megatron in all three live-action Transformers films. You’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

MBTI: Starscream- ENTP

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There are aspects of most people’s personality that you may never even know is there until you’ve known them long enough. For some types, this may include simply taking part in a hobby you’ll never know about because they have interests they’re embarrassed about.

But for Starscream, it’s pretty much out in the open that he’s a lying deceiver. There’s really no excuse for why Megatron hasn’t done him in when he’s had the chance other than his famous “Because I’m an idiot” line. Everybody knows Starscream is manipulative and when someone has been stabbed in the back, all eyes go to him. Continue reading

MBTI: Megatron- ENTJ

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If there were a given on this site, it would be this post. Megatron is right there with Magneto and any other super villain that has any sort of plans for world domination. Or universe domination, either or.

It doesn’t get any bigger than Megatron, and like the ENTJ you’re familiar with, he knows it. If it’s the job that keeps old people alive longer because they feel they have purpose, it’s no wonder Megatron has been around as long as he as- THE WILL TO RULE CONQUERS ALL.

Did you think it was love? The ENTJ knows otherwise. Continue reading

MBTI: Optimus Prime- ENFJ

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The speeches. The leadership. The unwavering ideals after countless battles in every environment imaginable. There’s only one thing for Optimus Prime and none of the haters want to say it.

Go ahead…say it- ENFJ. Continue reading