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Zombies Ruin Everything Tumblr!

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Way to catch up to the times, huh?

If you love pictures, but are bothered by words (Big or small), then Tumblr is the place for you! It’ll pretty much just be a collection of pictures that are awesome enough to share but wouldn’t necessarily something to put into a post here. So if you like the stuff you see here, you’ll like the stuff you’ll see there. Enjoy.

MBTI: Guardians of the Galaxy

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Well, Thor: the Dark World is out and as just about all Marvel movies since 2008 have done, there’s inevitably going to be a scene at the end leading up to the next Marvel movie.  This one may lead up to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that’s due out next August.

Don’t know the Guardians? Think misfit Avengers in space. Don’t be too ashamed that you don’t know, I’m actually more surprised that they’re getting they’re own movie due to the fact that so many more simple characters can’t even get greenlit. Seriously, how hard is it to make a movie about Luke Cage?? Black dude, science experiment, bulletproof skin- c’mon! Continue reading


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Since Thor: The Dark World is being released tomorrow, and I recently typed Loki, it’s time for the god of thunder himself.

What else would fit for a spoiled god that controls a hammer made from the heart of a dying star? His Se sensibilities are his strength and weakness by jumping into battle without a second thought. Aggression can work to his advantage in many ways, but it’s also what gets him cast down to earth or beaten by someone he could’ve bested by just putting a bit more thought into it.

But when you’re a god of thunder, do you really have to think? Continue reading

MBTI: Inception Cast

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All Burrito City.

All gaze…at Burrito City.

Just when people thought Nolan couldn’t top The Dark Knight, he goes and makes Inception. Maybe that was topping Batman but in its own way, it’s just as good. For me, it’s probably better due to it’s originality, even though some will beg to differ. Seriously, they’re begging to differ. Like hobos.

I think of Inception as the perfect movie for psychology enthusiasts, specifically those of MBTI in that aside from so much of the movie literally taking place in people’s minds, it seems that much of the work Jung had done on dreams is what made this movie possible to make in the first place. Definitely wasn’t Freud’s work or this would’ve been a Horror movie. Hey, maybe that’s what The Cell was. Continue reading

MBTI: Lara Croft- ISFP

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Of all the heroines that would eventually break into the video game scene and be a sex symbol (I guess), action star, and role model to girls everywhere (psh) it only makes sense she would be compared to Indiana Jones in style and profession.

The 2013 reboot was a welcome edition to a franchise that seemed like it had pretty much had it’s day. Lara’s newer modest look and ability to adapt all feel like the action ISFP. She uses a bow and arrow you say? Hmm… Continue reading

MBTI: Erin Hannon- ESFJ

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Of all the characters on The Office, Erin is my favorite. Even in season 8 and 9 where her character and Andy’s relationship were epically dumped on in favor of “Plop,” the worst character ever introduced in the series.

But alas! As a character, Erin represented what I thought the series did the best job on; characters that were slight exaggerations of people you’re already familiar with. And we’re all familiar with ESFJs, whether you like’em or not. How couldn’t you like them, though? You don’t like happiness and being taken care of? Screw you, then. Continue reading

MBTI: Sherlock Holmes- INTP

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Has there been a bigger influence on the detective influence on the detective genre? Batman, L, and whatever Angela Lansbury’s name was in Murder, She Wrote. There’s just nobody bigger than Holmes in the fictional detective game, or even the real-life detective game for that matter. Unless you’re related to one or something.

Holmes has been back and forth between INTP and ISTP for as long as people have been typing characters, but what’s the verdict? INTP is our best answer. Why? Abductive reasoning, son! Continue reading

MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP

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Quick to make a deal, slow to care about the feelings of others. Don’t say his name three times or you’re asking help you won’t want.

Before Tim Burton and Johnny Depp decided to team up permanently, and before Alec Baldwin came across as one the angriest guys in the business…there was Beetlejuice. Or Beetlegeuse, whatever. Nobody says the B-word, c’mon. Continue reading

MBTI: Horrorific Heroes

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While the more humanistic villains in Horror can be typed, the more fun monsters, the main stars unfortunately can’t really be typed. They’re monsters, ghouls, and animals. There’s not really a personality there to fit in with the rest of us mortals. Or is there…?

Still, no. BUT! There is an overall goal for them isn’t there? Yep. Their methods and missions are generally to survive or kill. Sometimes to survive by killing, leaving us with a familiar frame of mind that Type Theory can get a hold on. Here’s a list of the other Horror freaks that have been typed.

Happy Halloween too. Boo. Continue reading

MBTI: Captain America- ESTJ

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Democrats! Republicans! Sportsmanship! Books!

No matter what the generation, there’s only one hero that best represents the American spirit. And in a world that’s increasingly cynical and embittered, there’s only one type to lead us out of such a mess with unbridled idealism of what it means to be decent, average, and normal! Woo!

The Captain is ESTJ, as his leadership, morals, and old-school rhetoric are that of not only one of the most common types, but one of the most by-the-book types as well. Aside from wearing the American flag, of course. Continue reading