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When the Character is You

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We all relate to certain characters in the fiction we like. Heck, it’s part of why we like it. Sometimes it’s as simple as empathizing with a character’s problems or seeing ourselves as the struggling anti-hero we’re watching onscreen.

But then there are the times when the character actually is us. It goes beyond just having things and common and maybe you don’t even like this character- but it’s you, or us rather, as the audience. Continue reading

Twilight and the Era of Filmmakers that Don’t Have to Care

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After a ridiculous weekend filled with sparkling and moody stares, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Electric Boogaloo hopped its way up to the number one spot and just laughed at everybody else that tried. It made $340 million dollars globally, the first weekend alone (At the time of finishing this article exactly a week later, it’s bumped up to $578 million, respectively).

Far be it from me to judge a person based upon their movie selection, my favorites are certainly open to mockery in one form or another, but dang; they don’t make as much as Breaking Dawn in their existence as a film, much less one weekend. The following is a short examination as to the success of the film series’ success with reasons being a little more than the obvious selling points of that kid taking his clothes off, as well as musings on an age where cast, crew, and fans alike all agree to make something they openly acknowledge sucks.

If you needed any more signs of impending doom the earth is soon to experience, then this should do the trick. God help us all. Continue reading