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Movie Review: Lone Survivor

Posted in Reviews! with tags , , , , , on 01/10/2014 by Taylor Holt


Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana,

Rated R for strong bloody war violence and pervasive language, Running time 121 minutes, Action/Drama

Compare to: Black Hawk Down (2001), Act of Valor (2012)

Military movies are a tough lot to judge. You’ve got your military lovers, be they active soldiers or audience members with family or friends in service; and you’ve got the people that will hate it no matter what’s in the film save for a soldier doing something horrible to someone.

But this being based on a true story, of Operation Red Wings, specifically the story written about it; Seal of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life and Times of Lt. Michael P. Murphy. I can’t verify the accuracy of the story and this is just a review of the movie. And as a movie, if there’s any interest in the first place, I don’t see anybody being let down by it. Continue reading