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MBTI: Weaknesses and Opposites- SP and NT

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And here’s what’s effectively “Part 2.” If you don’t want to see the “SJ and NF” because you’re only here to read about yourself (and you’re a selfish jerk, yada yada yada…), at least check out the beginning of it. It might help clear up exactly what we’re talking about. Continue reading

MBTI: Weaknesses and Opposites- SJ and NF

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We’ve all got’em, and we all hate’em. No matter who you are, whatever your weakness is, it’s embarrassing (or at least it should be), and it’ll never fully go away no matter how much you’d like to think it’s not an issue.

But a major misconception about our weaknesses for many is that they’re problems others have to deal with as a result of not being able to “handle” us. We like to think that the annoying ways we externalize our problems are a lot more uh, badass than they actually are.

Well, I’m here to tell you- that ain’t the case, kids. Continue reading