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How Human is Too Human?

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After a conversation with Bryce Waller, also known as Blonde Ambition or the Senator, we got to thinking about how far human traits should be lent to characters who are otherwise idols and heroes to us.

Do flaws make the character? Or is it the lack of flaws that make us want to aspire to something greater? With certain fans preferring to have an untouchable legend as their icon, others tend to gravitate more toward the flawed and corporeal aspect. So how human should these characters be? Is there a character rooted similarly to all their fans?

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My TOP 5 Movies of 2014

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I wasn’t going to put one of these up seeing as how we’re halfway into the first month of 2015, but the Oscars aren’t even on until next month, right? So who cares?

Unlike the past couple years, there were a lot of great films to come out this year. And if they weren’t great, they were entertaining at the very least and that’s more than I can say for the years prior. My Top 5 of 2012 was more of a collection of films that I thought were just better than the others, but didn’t really blow me away.

2014, however, was the balls.

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Happy Halloween, I Guess

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So it’s that time of year again. I generally love Halloween in part because you really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to and there’s no pressure. Unlike Christmas where the idea of not celebrating means you’re a horrible person.

But after so many years of failed costume contests and smashing pumpkins through people’s windows, I think this year is a year for me to say, “Eh.” I’ve watched Sleep Hollow so many times that it even being brought up this made me shake my head which is also what I did last year when my girlfriend wanted to watch it.

It’s a great movie and maybe Burton’s best, but I’ve just had it up to here with it. Anyway, here are some Halloween-related articles I wrote last year. I’d planned on doing some this year but then I quickly got my fill after a few haunted houses and my favorite Horror Movies.

Evil Dead II and The Frighteners, along with The Omen, Drag Me to Hell, and of course…the end all, be all- The Exorcist. AHHHHH!

Unsung Horror Heroes

Unsung Horror Villains

Watching a Ton fo Horror Movies- May be Depressed (A cry for help)

MBTI: Evil Dead’s Ash and Type Changing (Why we don’t change type)

MBTI: Horror Villains  (A list of typed Horror characters)

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

MBTI: Horrorific Heroes (Typing Horror characters that you really can’t type)

MBTI: Sally- INFP     MBTI: Blade- ISTP     MBTI: Ghostbusters     MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP

If you want to know what I’ll be watching tonight, check out this clip from Mosquito. It’s about a bunch of mosquitos that happen to draw blood from dead aliens and it makes them huge. Yes, it’s fantastic in every way.

Space and Film- Black Holes

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.16.54 PM

Written by Bryce Waller

Space is fun. I can’t say that I have ever been there, but I tend to live vicariously through other people. Other people in this instance being, Tom Hanks, William Shatner, and Harrison Ford.

Why is space fun? An endless void of stars, galaxies, and everything else that is out there that I don’t know about. These endless possibilities open up endless opportunities for new movies and new ideas set in space. Shooting on site is a bit difficult, but if you can manage the trip to the space production studio, the space sickness wears off…so I’m told.

In the spirit of all things space, specifically Interstellar’s release date nearing (November 5th) I wanted to discuss a few of the cooler space themes in film. Specifically- black holes.  Continue reading

Lessons from Apes

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Now that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been out a couple months and I’ve had time to discern whether or not it was a good popcorn movie or a good movie altogether, it’s time to write about it. Sure, I’ve reviewed it and there wasn’t much to criticize with great acting and special effects, but what can we actually learn from it?

Thankfully, Dawn is one of those Sci-fi movies that takes us back to when the genre was full of societal commentary underneath the spaceships or talking apes, etc. Here are some things I really appreciated not from a critical standpoint, but a personal one.

Dawn is a story where the simplest themes say the most. Continue reading

Step Up: Going Overboard

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I’m not alone in saying that I love all of the Step Up movies. I’m also lying when I say that I love the Step Up movies. That being the case, and since the the fifth film in the franchise just opened up (Or is it the ninth?), I would like to pitch an outline for the next Step Up movie that’s bound to be made.

No really- these movies combined have made nearly 600 million, on combined budgets that have cost less than 100 million. Keep in mind that the most recent release only opened this weekend so it’s still got tread on its tires so to speak. My guess? These movies are the perfect ticket to buy when all the teens that go into it are actually trying to watch whatever R-rated movie is right across the hall. Continue reading

Aunt May Needs to Die Already

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I’ve read multiple stories over the years in various mediums and wouldn’t ya know it, I eventually wrote some stories of my own! And let me tell you, nothing sets a reader/viewer/listener (for those of you who like that Adventure radio) on edge than that tasty prospect of DEATH.

So when characters either can’t die, or can just as easily come back, who cares anymore? Not me! Keep reading or I’ll kill you. Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #5- Top 5 Heroes

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If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, don’t worry, I’ve been alive and healthy. If you hate that I’ve bee doing okay in the time that you may have thought that I wasn’t okay, well screw you!

This week, I’m joined by Josh as we discuss our Top 5 heroes of ALL TIME. There’s no going back after this, folks. Once you say yours out loud or type it down, it’s permanent. So unless you really mean it…don’t say it.

There are only two rules-

1. They can be any genre, any medium (Literature, Film, Television, etc.) but they must be fictional. You can’t really compare your great uncle that saved your life in that skiing accident that one time to the Fantastic Four’s Thing, this is just for the heck of it.

2. They can’t be a straight-up villain. Sure you could argue almost anybody, but save them for a villains list. Continue reading

5 Types of Characters That Just Don’t Translate to Film

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Has the question ever been posed to you “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”

Sure, it’s bound to pop up here and there. Most people stick with flying, invisibility, the “basic stuff.” Most people will bounce back and forth between something Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Batman can do. But Batman can’t be counted people. Having a lot of money and a perfect body doesn’t count as a power. Try again.

Then there are the powers where writers have dug deep to come up with an ability that just wouldn’t pop into the average person’s brain. But once you’ve seen their movie, the general public just breezes right over them. Why? My guess would have something to do with how they’re portrayed. Continue reading

“Look at me Damien! It’s all for you!” 400 Posts!

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I’m just kidding, it’s not for Damien. That kid sucks!

WHAT? DID I SAY 400?! Yes, I did. There wasn’t really much to do to commemorate such a milestone other than to say that we all did this. Everyone of us. You, and you and you, and how can I forget you because you definitely helped in my time of need. Continue reading