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ZRE Podcast #5- Top 5 Heroes

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If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, don’t worry, I’ve been alive and healthy. If you hate that I’ve bee doing okay in the time that you may have thought that I wasn’t okay, well screw you!

This week, I’m joined by Josh as we discuss our Top 5 heroes of ALL TIME. There’s no going back after this, folks. Once you say yours out loud or type it down, it’s permanent. So unless you really mean it…don’t say it.

There are only two rules-

1. They can be any genre, any medium (Literature, Film, Television, etc.) but they must be fictional. You can’t really compare your great uncle that saved your life in that skiing accident that one time to the Fantastic Four’s Thing, this is just for the heck of it.

2. They can’t be a straight-up villain. Sure you could argue almost anybody, but save them for a villains list. Continue reading

5 Types of Characters That Just Don’t Translate to Film

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Has the question ever been posed to you “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”

Sure, it’s bound to pop up here and there. Most people stick with flying, invisibility, the “basic stuff.” Most people will bounce back and forth between something Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Batman can do. But Batman can’t be counted people. Having a lot of money and a perfect body doesn’t count as a power. Try again.

Then there are the powers where writers have dug deep to come up with an ability that just wouldn’t pop into the average person’s brain. But once you’ve seen their movie, the general public just breezes right over them. Why? My guess would have something to do with how they’re portrayed. Continue reading

“Look at me Damien! It’s all for you!” 400 Posts!

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I’m just kidding, it’s not for Damien. That kid sucks!

WHAT? DID I SAY 400?! Yes, I did. There wasn’t really much to do to commemorate such a milestone other than to say that we all did this. Everyone of us. You, and you and you, and how can I forget you because you definitely helped in my time of need. Continue reading

Movie Critics are Terrible People

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No, this does not mean that I hate myself. I’m not really even referring to myself as it’s not like I get paid for this stuff, I’m just putting up what I feel like putting up.

I only recently watched The Lone Ranger movie in its entirety and I have to say that it wasn’t nearly as awful as just about every critic out there claimed it was. Was it great? No. Do I stand by my initial assertion that there wasn’t really a need or market for a Lone Ranger movie? Yes.

But a further look at complaints of a product and what’s actually wrong with it are often two entirely different things. Continue reading

The Guide to Review Grades

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As I sit here listening to this disgusting documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer, I can’t help but think of all the people I know that hate the grades I give movies. Whoever you are…I’m thinking of you. Mm.

“You said B?! For THAT? What’s wrong with you?” Fill in the blank with whether the movie should have been graded higher or lower.

Well, la-dee-da! I have a system and not all movies are created equal. Continue reading

X-Men and MBTI at the Movies

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Someone give them a hand, these ladies look fabulous, don't they? Flat top on the right, I'm loving your sass!

Someone give them a hand, these ladies look fabulous, don’t they? Flat top on the right, I’m loving your sass!

There’s a little man telling me to remind some of you guys of my older articles in case you’ve forgotten. And since I’ve typed several X-Men at this point (screw you Wolverine!), might as well rack up the list. It’s a point of pride to have this many done but it’s also sad in a way. I mean, how much time should one man devote to this kind of work? ALL OF IT

Also, I’ve just seen the trailer for the newest X-Men Movie and it looks awful. But what do I know in comparison to the almighty Bryan Singer, who uses some of my favorite stories to tell the world “Being gay is tough!” An anti-bigotry message? Sign me up. Fifty years summed up by “What I wouldn’t give to be normal, Bobby!” Nah.

Of all days to mention this, the most recent issue of Uncanny involves a student coming out of closet. What’s DC going to do to keep up?!?

GIVE THEM ROBIN, DC! JUST GET IT OVER WITH! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! And not some “Alternate Universe/3rd Earth” version or whatever. Lotta people not reading comics are demanding more gayness from you guys.




Jean Grey



And lastly, something that has nothing to do with X-Men but everything to do with MBTI and entertainment, I bring you…MBTI: …and the Movies, Part II.


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Since it’s October, I thought I’d update my list of MBTI typings of Horror villains, since I just recently updated Batman as well. Several characters that are pretty well known and liked came to mind but you really just can’t type forces of nature, or demons depending on the nature of the story. Pumpkinhead, Pazuzu, and Samara for instance, are more things than personalities; like a hurricane or a rabid dog or something.

Check out these other pages while you’re at it. From most recent to oldest. I spent time on these, people and it’s embarrassing that Miley Cyrus post got as man views as it did, damn the curiosity!

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

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