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An Intro to Deadpool

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , on 09/01/2015 by Taylor Holt


So by now you’ve seen the trailer. And the red band trailer. And chances are- you were into it.

And chances are, you didn’t recognize anybody in it aside from Deadpool and Colossus. Why would they do this? Probably so they can kill characters off that don’t have their own franchise and Deadpool kills a lot of people.

So here’s a quick guide to D-Pooly, his history, allies, and enemies. Sure you could go to Wikipedia, Comic Vine, Marvel Database, or a thousand other sites. But you’re already here, you might as well stay. Continue reading

MBTI: The Room Cast

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Looking for a brilliant film to impress all of your friends with your knowledge of quirky indie movies? Want to make an impression with the ladies on campus by showing you have an artistic, sensitive side? Want to see what it looks like if cancer itself were able to make a film?

If you answered ‘no’ to the first two questions, and ‘yes’ to the third, then “The Room” is for you.

No, the movie’s not here, you idiot. I’m just typing them. Continue reading