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Comics are a pretty sufficient source of well-loved characters to run to in case the well that is my mind begins to run dry. That being said, one of the best known characters has been one of the hardest to pin down.

Character’s change from time to time, yet Storm’s abilities and strength really only lead to one thing. There’s a reason she sticks out in a world of scary monsters and super-freaks. Continue reading

MBTI: Jean Grey- ENFJ

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jgIf any type were to get limitless, planet-destroying, mind powers, we should all hope it would be the ENFJ.

Nobody needs that kind of power but if someone’s gonna take the mantle, my vote is on them.

While Jean Grey’s character has gone through so many changes over the years that it’s a bit hard to get a grip on her personality, her underlying traits are always regarded as helpful, loyal, caring, and strong.

Emotionally, I’m sure, as she keeps the traditional comic book female look of weighing about 115lbs at 5’6. Continue reading

MBTI: Cyclops- ISTJ

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Of all the leaders in all of comics, Cyclops is not only one the most well-known, he’s also…an ISTJ?!

No…no…no, something can’t be right here? There must be some mistake… How can the leader of one of the most popular teams in comics be such a simpleton?

Cyclops has conquered possession! Death! He’s had to live to see his wife die multiple times after fighting evil versions of her only to have people judge him when he’s finally moved on to Emma Frost!

Yep, he’s ISTJ. Continue reading

MBTI: Nightcrawler- INFP

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If there were ever an X-Men to fit a type better than INFP than Nightcrawler, they’ve never been published. Nightcrawler’s happy yet somber attitude toward his fellow mutant is not only his trademark, but a perfect fictionalized INFP.

Fun and concerned for the common man, and INFP may display their devotion in a similar fashion. Born into a circus (more or less) and perfectly suited for it, Nightcrawler later chose the life of a priest despite his appearance as a sort of blue demon. Only an INFP would be so conflicted.

Continue reading

MBTI: Magneto- ENTJ

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The Master of Magnetism himself has a type almost made just for him. The charisma, power, and entitlement that is Magneto is the longest running X-Men villain for a reason. As powerful as Professor X, Wolverine and Jean Grey may be, there’s little they’ve been able to do to Magneto over the years aside from temporarily slow him down.

For the Professor and Jean? Just add a helmet and continue on for world domination. For Fox’s favorite adamantium-laced show pony? He may be the weakest in the face of The Brotherhood; because the ENTJ has got to have his entourage. Continue reading

Jackman: Origins

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We have a problem.

Wolverine was always cool growing up and I don’t really need to explain why. While James Bond may have always been the embodiment of sophistication and coolness, Wolverine could just as easily be described as masculinity personified. Claws come out, motorcycles, cigars, side-burns, and just not caring about anything. That’s what I always thought of anyway. Continue reading